Eledric provide a wide range of products for the Australian 4WD, Caravan and camping enthusiast. For all your LED lighting and 12 volt auto electrical supplies to Australia’s number one supplier of 4D Engineering products.  Eledric will help you on your way to having the perfect setup for any 12 volt situation with their range of custom made 4WD accessories exclusive to 4D Engineering.

Eledric prides itself on providing only high quality products that are built to last in Australia’s harsh environment.  That’s why 4D Engineering products are so popular both on the website and in the workshop.

In the workshop Eledric specializes in auto electrical fitouts to your 4WD, caravan or canopy.  Using only the very best supplies to complete the job from complete Dual Battery setups, DC to DC charges, 12 volt solar setups, LED light bars to electric brakes and UHF setups.

Eledric are committed to providing Australians with the highest quality and most modern energy and lighting products at prices that will suit every budget depending on your lighting needs. As people worldwide become increasingly conscious of the cost of energy and lighting, the need for alternatives to traditional incandescent and florescent lighting grows greater. Noticing a gap in the market, Eledric have stepped in as reliable LED supplier to offer an impressive range of energy and lighting options to help you save yourself money and save the planet.

With an extensive background in lighting retail, the team at Eledric are the reliable LED suppliers you can count on. We are highly knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of energy efficient lighting of 12 volt, LED and solar products. Our wealth of experience in the electrical and automotive industry has led us to offer a wide range of products not only from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers, but also our own custom-made range of LED and 4×4 accessories exclusive to Eledric.

At Eledric, all LED products are thoroughly tested to ensure superior quality and performance. We guarantee our customers can be confident in knowing that an Eledric purchase today will translate to energy savings for years to come.

After all, quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.