This guide to help you create an entire LED lighting kit for your caravan. As each caravan lighting configuration is different it is best to double check which lights suit you and your van the best

Please see suggestions below for different LED bulb replacements and there location for use. We have tried to include photos of different lighting types to help you understand what’s in your caravan or motorhome.



The Most commonly used roof lights in the Jayco are fitted with a T10 (W5W Wedge) light bulb. These lights are easily changed to LEDs. Watch our simple video on how to change a T10 light on our YouTube Video, simply search for “Eledric T10 light”

As each make and model of van are fitted with different configurations of interior roof lights it may be wise to have a quick look to establish which ones you require.

First determine how many roof lights are in your van. Are they doubles or singles? See photo

As we have four main options from an 8 LED being the least bright up to a 48 LED being the brightest, here are some suggestions as to where each light is used:-

The T10 fitted with 8 LEDs is commonly used over the bed area.

The T10 fitted with 16 LEDs is commonly used over the shower or toilet area.

The T10 fitted with 24 LEDs is commonly used over the main living area.

TheT10 fitted with 48 LEDs is commonly used over the table, kitchen area or outside exterior wall light.

Please note this is a guide only, those who prefer a very bright interior may choose 24 or 48 LED across the entire van, while others who prefer a softer hue may choose the 16 LED throughout. It is totally personal preference as these T10’s are all interchangeable.





Most range hoods use either an MR16 or MR11 light with either one or two fitted. Both of these lights appear similar in style but are different in size. Measuring across the face of the light the MR11 is 35mm across and the MR16 is 50mm across.


Most exterior handles are fitted with one BA15S light although some are fitted with a T10 light.


There are a few different options when it comes to the exterior wall awning lights on your caravan. Sometimes it requires you to remove the cover to see what bulb is fitted.

Depending on the age Jayco’s often use either a T10 (W5W Wedge) or a BA15S while others use a G4 light.


READING LIGHTS (Also referred to as down lights, map lights and or dome lights):

As there are a number of different styles and types of reading lights fitted to the interior of your van there are a few different sizes to choose from. Although there is commonly one main light bulb type used G4 LEDs give us the option for different and alternative configurations. These lights are easily changed to LEDs. There are other options out that fit a T10 8 SMD LED and even an MR11.

Lastly decide whether you prefer Cool white or Warm white.


A T10 8smd fits perfectly in your fan lights.

If you’re having troubles finding a kit to suit your needs, simply message us with a list of the lights you require. We are more than happy to design a custom LED kit.